Saturday, 23 October 2010

First Post.

If you can read this, means ....... you know English..

Thanks for Reading this Post.

This is a blog dedicated to Cataloging my Collection (Some Seem like Junk now).

Since Primary school I collected Stamps, Lizzard Eggs, Fish Eyeballs, Minerals, Badges & Pins, Dragon Ball Cards, Telephone Cards, Those surprise Ball Toys, Stickers, and Many Other Things.

Now I Mainly collects Bank Notes and Special Coins. (Still learning)
And I wanted to sell of my old collections of Other things.

(In a perfect Economic sense, I Believe Everything in the world (that is Tangible) CAN be sold/traded at a Price. Its always a matter of price.)

If you see anything you like to buy, you can let me know. Leave a comment or Send me an e ma ail.
(PS: For Banknotes&Coins The Prices I post up is a little higher than the catalog price. That's because I wanna get my collection complete asap~, and by buying it, ur supporting it. :))

Have a Nice Day, Cheerio~!


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