Friday, 12 November 2010

RM50 Banknote (Sign by Ali Abul Hassan)

(M77) RM50 Banknote (Sign by Ali Abul Hassan)

It may look like a normal RM50. But nuooo, check out the signature. Its signed by Ali Abul Hassan, not by the normal Zeti Akhter Aziz.

This also found it in normal circulation.

(Gave it to sumone as a normal RM50) :P

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Malaysian 2nd Series Banknotes... From China~

Malaysian 2 Series Banknotes (Also Known as 7th Series).

Went to China for a Business Trip, Met a relative who still have some old RM, So we exchanged RMB with her to buy back the Old RM. At first I just tot they were normal 2 series notes. When I got back, found out that one of the notes is a rare piece. OMG!. Lucky!

Here are they~

RM100 Banknote (United States Banknote Co.)

Serial #: ZY3837189

This is a Friggin Rare Banknote~. Well the most rare type in all of the RM100 Banknotes of that time period (unfortunately its not UNC, If not it'll be $.$).

Firstly This Type printed by USBC, very little were printed, Compare to it's Thomas De La Ru (TDLR) and Harrisons brother RM100 Banknotes,

Secondly It has the prefix "ZY", Which is the Last Prefix before Bank negara switch back to TDLR to print our notes, (So Half of ZY is USBC and other half is printed by TDLR).

Preety Dam Lucky for me to find it in China In a hands of a Relative. (And there she was worrying about: "Aiya, This money can't be used in Msia already, oh no!")

Replacement "ZU"
(Who Ever that can find ZU in 'Normal Circulation' ... is god! LOL!)

RM50 Banknote

Serial #: WZ2627119

RM10 Banknote (All Thomas D L R Print)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Replacement Note RM10

Replacement Note RM10

Serial #: ZD3537958

Just recently "Rescued" this RM10 replacement note from a stationary shop in Puchong. Got it as change when buying stationery.

It pays off to check your notes before u put them into your wallet. For beginners, just check for "Z" serial numbers. They are normally worth more. (Except for RM1 "ZG" onwards)

1/3/2011: Recently I have been wondering is RM10 replacement notes with "Z" really so scares? During and after CNY I found so many near or UNC RM10 note being used up like nobody's business. I keep collecting everytime I find one, but after collecting 10 or so. I thought "Hmmmm maybe this Z serial# isnt a really so scarce"

(Info: I keep a few UNC, and used up everything else) :P (If I collect more of them I'll go broke. haha)

Side Signature RM2 Banknote

Side Signature RM2 Banknote

Got this note as Change when buying other banknotes (maybe the collector didn't want this anymore). Hehe. (Now I know why =_="+)

Side Signature RM100 Banknote.

Side Signature RM100 Banknote.

"Saved" this side signature banknote from normal circulation. Wanted to sell it, coz my main focus is 2nd series Banknotes. Come buy it before the Market price rises again~.

In catalog it says:
UNC condition is RM160
Replacement "ZA" is RM350

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hei Song Factory Gift

Hei Song Factory Visit Gift.
Selling At: Dunno, RM50? RM100?

Visit Taiwan in 2009, We visited HeiSong (Famous brand in Taiwan) Beverages factory. Upon Leaving, Everyone was presented with this gift. Cute mini bottles, depicting how their bottled drinks looked like 40+ years ago.

To malaysian I guess it holds not much value. But for taiwanese (most grew up with Hei Song's Sarsi) will tresure it, or maybe malaysians who studied in Taiwan. I aint one of them, Coz I never tried a Hei Song until that day. Hehehehhee.

(For those who really love this brand and wanted to keep it, I could give it to you for free. Not for those who want to Resell it please).

Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Silver Nugget (99.9% Silver)

Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Silver Nugget (99.9% Silver)
Selling At: RM400

The Sales lady said: "Congratulations, you have bought the last one in our shop! Probaly the last one in the Whole GZ Airport".

I dun believe her, so I went to other 3 shops in the airport posing as a buyer, all of them look here look there, search high search low and can't find any stock.

So I left GZ with a big smile on my face.

Nyek nyek nyek~.
Lucky me.