Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hei Song Factory Gift

Hei Song Factory Visit Gift.
Selling At: Dunno, RM50? RM100?

Visit Taiwan in 2009, We visited HeiSong (Famous brand in Taiwan) Beverages factory. Upon Leaving, Everyone was presented with this gift. Cute mini bottles, depicting how their bottled drinks looked like 40+ years ago.

To malaysian I guess it holds not much value. But for taiwanese (most grew up with Hei Song's Sarsi) will tresure it, or maybe malaysians who studied in Taiwan. I aint one of them, Coz I never tried a Hei Song until that day. Hehehehhee.

(For those who really love this brand and wanted to keep it, I could give it to you for free. Not for those who want to Resell it please).

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