Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Replacement Note RM10

Replacement Note RM10

Serial #: ZD3537958

Just recently "Rescued" this RM10 replacement note from a stationary shop in Puchong. Got it as change when buying stationery.

It pays off to check your notes before u put them into your wallet. For beginners, just check for "Z" serial numbers. They are normally worth more. (Except for RM1 "ZG" onwards)

1/3/2011: Recently I have been wondering is RM10 replacement notes with "Z" really so scares? During and after CNY I found so many near or UNC RM10 note being used up like nobody's business. I keep collecting everytime I find one, but after collecting 10 or so. I thought "Hmmmm maybe this Z serial# isnt a really so scarce"

(Info: I keep a few UNC, and used up everything else) :P (If I collect more of them I'll go broke. haha)

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